Welcome to Aspiring Triathlete

I just paid three hundred and ten dollars and I am officially registered for the 2017 New York City Triathlon this is my road to the starting line.

Hello, starting on January 8th this is where you’ll find the Aspiring Triathlete Podcast.

A podcast following my journey to become a triathlete.

At least once a week, you’ll hear from me as I journey through the training miles. Over the next several months you’ll hear all about my trials and tribulations in the sport of triathlon.

I will provide training logs, a brief recording before or after a workout. I will talk to you about what has been going on in my training, I am also hoping to share conversations with coaches, triathletes and others that will be helping me along the way.

The purpose is to give you a deeper look at how things are going for a reformed couch potato.

Who is your host and why am I doing this?

I am Reuben Ingber, a 28-year-old web developer living in New York City. I’ve been running for a few years, and have even run the New York City Marathon. Now I’ve found my next challenge.

Along my journey to the starting line, I am going to run a few races, bike hundreds of miles, become a stronger swimmer, and most importantly become a healthier and fitter person.

A ride across the George Washington Bridge (New York, NY) 

A ride across the George Washington Bridge (New York, NY) 

I am sharing this podcast because the journey is where the hard work and determination lives. Spending hours biking, running, and swimming alone is hard.

If you fight your way through the training the race becomes the easy part.

I want others to hear about my trials and tribulations along the road.

Hopefully this might inspire another person who was always picked last in gym class to get out and find a physical activity they love. Maybe this will just be fun for people who know me to follow along. I don't really know if this show will become more than a log of my journey, regardless every Sunday going forward you’ll hear from me.

To be clear I have been building up to training for a triathlon since August, and I am ready to dig deep and push hard to get to the starting line. If you want to join me on this journey, find a race and sign up.

I’ve been running a lot lately, as a part of my endurance training I am running the United Airlines New York City Half Marathon in mid March. On top of running I am building a strong base in the other disciplines, swimming, biking, and weight training.

I plan my training week on the back of envelope on Sundays

I plan my training week on the back of envelope on Sundays

A typical week for me right now, is 3 runs (2 short, 1 long), 2 session on the indoor bike trainer (it's cold outside), 2 days at the gym weight training and swimming.

After the Half Marathon, I will back off the running a bit and really dive into a full triathlon training plan.

I hope you will join me for the journey to the 2017 New York City Triathlon. In the first full length episode of the Aspiring Triathlete, I am going to talk about my training plan.

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Alright talk to you all next week!